4 Fitness Apps to Download For a Fresh Workout Routine

Many of us in today’s world just cannot find the time to make it to the gym or yoga studio with our busy schedules, so often we let our fitness routines fall by the wayside. But this doesn’t need to happen anymore with the plethora of technology out there related to fitness that is so easy to access. Now instead of getting in our cars to drive to the gym, with the hope that some piece of equipment will even be available to use, we can hop on our phones or computers to follow the latest fitness trends that cater to our own needs and preferences. Check out these four hassle free fitness apps that will allow you to workout when you want, how you want.


Kineticoach was specifically created for those people that just can’t find the time to make it to the gym, but like the guidance of personal trainers. Designed by both business travelers and fitness professionals, it takes into account the needs of individuals depending on their comfort levels and experience. You can customize your workout to beginner, intermediate, or advanced and set your specific goals, whether it is to burn fat, build muscle, increase endurance, or improve flexibility.

Asics Studio

The Asics Studio app is another one that utilizes motivational professional trainers. There are about ten trainers to choose from, all with their own special “it-factor”. The majority of workouts offered by Asics focuses on strength training and cardio, so keep this in mind if you’re looking for a different type of workout. The great thing about this app is that it offers playlists that correspond to your workout, so you’ll never have to play around on your phone to change your tunes.

Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

If you’re looking to slow things down a bit, download the Down Dog app. Practicing with Down Dog is the closest thing you’ll find to actually attending a class in a studio. Each time you log onto the app, it creates a brand new yoga sequence so you never get bored with the workout routine or run out of content. Each flow offers a playlist that allows you to warm up, power through, and cool down throughout your entire practice. Depending on your time allowance and preferences, you can choose between a long or short practice, or something more restorative to put your mind and body at ease.

Runtastic Results

Runtastic Results not only allows you to develop a customized 12-week workout plan, it gives you health and nutrition tips to really show results. These tips vary from what foods to eat and what to avoid, as well as healthy sleeping habits to optimize results. All of the workouts require no equipment whatsoever, so they can easily be done from home, or even the office during your lunch break. Whether you want to train alone or prefer the motivation offered by a training group, you have that option with this app. When you download Runtastic, you’ll be asked right off the bat what your goals are for your workouts, and what results you hope to see.

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