A Couple’s Guide To Fitness: The Perks of Getting in Shape With Your Partner

If you’re in a relationship rut, or even just in rut with your normal workout routine, have you ever considered working out alongside your partner? Maybe for some of you, the thought of your significant other seeing you sweat profusely on the treadmill or make that ugly weight-lifting face does not sound appealing, but there is so much evidence proving that working out with your significant other is actually beneficial to your relationship. Here’s why you should start using fitness as a relationship builder.

Competition is healthy! Even though some may not feel this way, competition between partners is actually a good thing. Pushing each other towards achieving a common goal not only helps motivate you to finish your workout, but is healthy for a relationship in general. Use your competitive spirit to motivate each other towards the finish line.

Quality time at the gym is a good thing. Lots of couples spend their entire days apart, and then when they actually come together at the end of the day, time is often spent in front of the TV with very little communication. When you go to the gym with your partner, try your best to actually spend some time with him or her. Hop on an elliptical right next to his treadmill, or take a fitness class together.

Physical fitness is important, obviously. Many couples find themselves in ruts, doing the same things after work every single day. Whether it’s binge watching Netflix or going to that Mexican place you both love, focus on your physical fitness together and motivate each other to better yourselves. Become healthier as a team – when you work together as a team, you hold each other accountable. This means that your likelihood of actually making it to the gym is much higher.

It’s actually good for your sex. It may not seem likely, but when you sweat together, you have better sex together. Trying new things as a couple obviously brings you physically and emotionally closer, but working out in general gives you endorphins. Increased endorphins actually increases your sex drive. In addition, both partners are helping to build their individual confidence by going to the gym, and this translates into the bedroom.

You’re spicing things up by trying new things together. Keep things exciting by trying new things at the gym together. If you’ve never tried kickboxing, sign up for a class together. Try new things, but also teach each other what you already know. If one of you is a seasoned yogi, teach the other your moves! If one of you is a runner, go for a morning jog together.

These are just a few of the perks associated with working out alongside your partner. Not only will you get in shape as a team, but you’ll also keep things interesting by trying new activities. Instead of hanging on the couch together at the end of the day, head to the gym or sign up for a yoga class. And you can’t forget that added bonus of a better sex life!

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