A Foodie’s Guide To Throwing a Successful FIFA World Cup Party

If you’re a soccer fan, every four years you have an amazing excuse to throw a party. For the summer of 2018, throw the best World Cup viewing party for your friends and family members by spicing things up a bit. Since soccer is a worldly sport and the World Cup is literally celebrating soccer teams from around the world, why not make the event focused on food and drinks from around the world.

When you send out the invitations, ask each friend or family member to bring a food item or beverage (preferably alcoholic!) from the country they are rooting for. If you know everyone is cheering for the same team, then assign a different country to each person. Here are a few helpful suggestions on food items and beverages from cultures around the world that will surely make your FIFA World Cup viewing party a success.


Brazil is most famous for its delicious barbecued meats, so this is a must-have component of a Brazilian dish. One of the easiest dishes to prepare would be barbecued skewers of lamb, beef, or chicken with lots of salt and pepper to season. If you want to be the life of the party, bring the ingredients to make caipirinhas – a popular Brazilian alcoholic drink. This is typically made with cachaca (a sweet liquor made from sugarcane), sugar, and lime, but variations could also be made by adding different fruits and herbs.


Mexico might be the easiest country to represent; who doesn’t like a good taco! If you want to take the easy way out, just bring chips and salsa or guacamole, or even swing by Taco Bell. You could also represent Mexico by preparing some loaded nachos, or just bring a cold case of Negra Modelos. And don’t forget the margaritas!

United States

Hamburgers, french fries, apple pie, fried chicken, the list goes on and on. If you’re wanting to represent the good old U.S. of A, just think comfort food. Mini hamburger sliders are a great finger food for a party like this. In today’s day and age, the United States is becoming a leader in the craft beer industry, so think about bringing a variety of American craft beers if that’s something you and your friends are interested in.


Although England is not necessarily known for its delicious cuisine, you could play around with this and have some fun. Bring a plate of smoked meats and cheeses, or represent royalty by bringing tiny tea time sandwiches or fresh-baked scones. As far as beverages go, look out for these English beers: Sam Smiths, London Pride, Flowers, Greene Kingand Adnams.


When I think of France, the image of a fresh-baked baguette pops into my head – one with a crackling crust, but also warm and doughy on the inside. So if France is your team of choice, all you need is a plate of fresh fruit and cheeses and an artisan baguette. It also wouldn’t hurt to bring some classic French wine!


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