Best Amateur Website Building Services To Get Your Small Business Up and Running

Creating a website for your small business is an essential step to seeing money start to flow in. If you’re not especially tech savvy, you might feel the need to hire someone to create and build your site. But with the abundance of website building tools and softwares, you can actually create your site on your own from the comforts of home. These top six website builders make the whole process simple, so just about anyone can use them with ease.


By far the most well-known website building service, WordPress sites are featured on nearly 30% of the internet. Anyone from hobby bloggers to large corporations uses WordPress. This service offers tons of plug-ins to make your page easy to navigate, as well as drag and drop features. it allows you to create exactly what you want. Since you have complete control of the site, the only downfall is that you’ll have to manage security and backup on your own.


Shopify is a website builder that is specifically designed for ecommerce businesses, and allows you to accept payments without any hassle. So if your main target audience is online shoppers, Shopify might be the best option for you.


Weebly allows its users to create exactly the site they have in mind, and it gives clear guidance on how to accomplish this. It is also very easy to integrate a blog or online store onto your Weebly site. For a simple site, give Weebly a try.


Wix is yet another website builder that allows you to create a stunning site within minutes from home. There are hundreds of templates created by web designers to choose from, and Wix allows you to easily add animations and video backgrounds to your page. The only downfall – if you do not upgrade to a premium membership, your site will advertise Wix-branded products on your site page.


Even though Squarespace does not offer a free membership plan, the extra cost might be worth it. No matter which plan you choose, you get unlimited bandwidth and storage for your site. As far a design features go, Squarespace offers dozens of templates to choose from. As long as you purchase your membership, domain registration is free, and if you sign up for an ecommerce plan you won’t be charged any transaction fees when people buy from your site.

Depending on the type of business you are promoting with your site, starts off my giving you a basic template to follow. You can then alter it to your liking with ease. Like other web builders, if you sign up for a premium plan you will not have to pay to register your domain. The only downfall with is that it offers fairly limited features, only because it is specifically created for non-tech savvy users.

So depending on how comfortable you feel with creating a site on your own and the type of product you’re promoting – whether you’re looking for an ecommerce site or not – there are so many effective resources out there to help you get started with building your website today.


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