Bubblers and bongs under $100  

Though Bongs and Bubblers under $100 are both indeed water pipes, bubblers and bongs are very different. Both of course are great for different reasons. There are many big and small differences between bubblers and bongs.

So, what does differentiate a bubbler from a bong. Well first off, a bubbler closely resembles a pipe both in appearance and indeed function. Bubblers commonly have a bowl, a mouthpiece, and even sometimes a carb, just like a standard dry pipe would have. One key difference of bubblers is that, for the most part, bubblers have fixed down stems, meaning you can’t be removed or cleaned. Bubblers typically come in either “Sherlock” style design i.e. the piece is shaped more like the classic type of pipe smoked by its name sake Sherlock Holmes, or, as the style has developed over the years is a small glass water-pipe that may look similar to a traditional bong but is very much a complex bubbler.

Advantages of a Bubbler

Smoother Hit: Bubblers and other water pieces offer a smoother hit that is less likely to cause you to cough the way a dry piece might

Better Tasting Hit: Water pieces filter the smoke in a way that a dry piece does not, which gives the user a better tasting hit.

Bubblers Are A Good Medium-Level Piece: Bubblers are great for those times when you want to smoke out of something stronger and smoother than a pipe, but don’t want to go as far as a bong.

Easier to Handle: The way that bubblers are shaped makes you less likely to drop them than a bong.

Some say the standard Bong is a step up from a bubbler, if we consider complexity and prestige of course. Bongs are very different from bubblers and pipes. Bongs tend to be vertical pieces on both functionality and appearance. Bongs are commonly built with long mouthpieces, a chamber for water and also require a separate bowl with a down stem. There are many different varieties of Bongs, but in general the construction of a bong is typically the same all around.

Advantages of a Bong

Stronger High: Bongs offer the user a stronger high than a bubbler does. Most bongs are much larger than a bubbler with more space between the bowl and the mouthpiece, which allows the user to take larger hits than with a bubbler.

They Smoke Longer: Bong bowls are larger, which means they last longer than a bubbler or pipe bowl. This makes them better for smoking in large groups.

Bongs Are Better for Stoners with A High Tolerance: There are times when a dry piece or a bubbler will not meet your needs. Sometimes you need something stronger.

Bongs Are Easier to Clean: Bongs are easier to clean than bubblers because you can clean the bong, bowl, and down stem separately.

Bongs Have More Variety: Bongs are more customizable than pipes or bubblers. You can have many different bowls for the same bong. You can have one with a percolator or not. Bongs come in many different variations, and you can always find one that matches your particular preference.

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