Content marketing experts discuss the top tips for success

With the rise of advertising and marketing online, then professionals and individuals with content marketing experts are becoming valuable commodities. As the internet gets fuller and fuller then it is increasingly more difficult to make your work stand out from the crowd. You want to influence the crawlers to pick up on your article and writing good articles is one of the keys to do this.

Content marketing incorporates the sharing of information on many different types of media. There are vines to documents containing thousands of words. They all have the same aim but that aim can be achieved in many ways. So here are some of the top tips for content marketing.

  1. Be unique and original, try to incorporate human stories or humour into your content. This will catch and keep people’s attention and your business will be noticed and even shared.
  2. You could write a blog that unfolds to be like a serial drama, you will have people waiting avidly for the next “episode” and your business name will be discussed
  3. Be very useful and informative in your content, tell your audience something they will be glad to know. Then welcome questions and feedback on this information
  4. Show some empathy in your writing, including their buying habits, living habits and failures and successes
  5. Include something niche like a map of the world or a scrabble board
  6. Be aware of the hierarchy of influence, men are more influential than women, but women influence men more than women influence women, younger people are easier to influence than older people
  7. Try to have mass appeal in your content. Try to reach as many potential customers in one article, rather than just aiming for your target audience
  8. Emotive triggers always make people take notice of an article, the emotional content will provoke a reaction and attention.
  9. Tweet, blog or post on Facebook at the optimum days and times. There are some online applications which will let you know what these are for your sites
  10. Understand the key influencers in your industry
  11. Ensure that you fully answer any questions and respond to all comments, you have reached success to get these responses, make the most of them
  12. Use posts that can cause a reaction, hopefully a positive one
  13. Avoid using jargon for the sake of it, sometimes if we try to sound clever it has the opposite effect, just be straight forward and write well
  14. Try to use good grammar, if you struggle with this then run it through an online grammar tool
  15. Be honest don’t hide behind humor as this will sometimes seem strained, make it natural and honest if you do use humor

Hopefully these top fifteen tips will make your content management documents interesting, exciting, crowd pleasing and fun. They will hopefully encourage your readers and bring engagement to your business. You want your company to be the word on the street and this is one of the top, modern and free ways to ensure that this happens.

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