Flight Delay Compensation – Don’t be out of Pocket because of Late Flights

When you need to get somewhere immediately, any delays can drive you mad. The same applies to with a flight delays – the airline takes off and lands at different times to those scheduled. People then have to make all kinds of alternative arrangements to adapt to these new times. In the process, they can lose a lot of money.

The truth is, there are actually millions of people around the world who are eligible for compensation, but a large percentage don’t know about flight delay compensation, what they’re entitled to and what their rights are.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a flight is considered delayed when it is 15 minutes later than its scheduled time. However, with Europe, it is 3 hours.

Many reasons to Cancel – or Delay a Flight

Delayed- or cancelled flight will mean that the passenger is surely entitled to compensation. There are a whole lot of reasons why a plane might be delayed in the first place –

• Bad weather
• Maintenance problems
• Security issues
• Terror threat
• Congested air traffic

Can You Automatically Expect Compensation?

Whatever the reason is, it is an inconvenience to the passenger. The flight delays, apart from being an inconvenience to all concerned, cost airlines billions each year and they have to pay authorities a fine for holding up planes on the tarmac.
Flight delay compensation isn’t something passengers can just expect. There are some countries that have no legal obligations to pay compensation for delayed flights. Compensation also varies between the different flight companies.

Review Companies with Integrity

In some instances for the financial inconvenience, you will need to file a claim so as to retrieve reimbursements. Depending on the country you live in, there are always stipulations about claiming compensation and some airlines make it harder to claim. Its why so many people look at BritainReviews and other review forums where customers discuss their experience with all the available flight compensation services. It’s best to read up on each product and services so you know you’ll be getting a quality service.

Flight-Delayed.co.uk is one of these companies that we have found give you a good chance to get compensation. In fact, you can read comments and opinions of people who have used them. They simply go to the website, enter their flight number and flight date and then wait to find out if they are entitled to compensation.

You Have Rights

In case of delayed or cancelled flight, did you know that your rights are protected by European Law and that you may be entitled to between £214.00 and £514.00 in compensation?

The team at Flight-Delayed.co.uk will assess your unique position and then see to it that you receive compensation for all the inconvenience incurred by having your flight delayed or cancelled. In fact, they can assist you not only with cancellations and delays, but missed connections and instances of denied boarding.

Immediate Assistance

You won’t get assistance in the months ahead, but tomorrow, and there are no administrative fees for their services. You only pay a fee when there has been a success with your case, and the success rate is 98% of court cases won.
What’s holding you back from flight delay compensation? You deserve to arrive on time when you rely on a transport service, and if an airline can’t deliver on their promises, they must compensate you

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