How Automobile Tech Improvements Are Making Your Driving Experience Safer

It’s not really a secret that the automotive industry has been doing its best to improve the experience of the driver for many years now. Basic features have been gradually added over time – it’s hard to believe that there was ever a time without cruise control, power steering, automatic windshield wipers, or even safety airbags. Now that modern technology is improving at such a rapid pace, this means that the technology within our automobiles has also improved tenfold. Not only do these advances improve the driver’s experience, but also makes driving much safer in general. Specifically, these four advancements in automobile technology are making the roads a much safer place.


Even though cameras are not necessarily a new technology when it comes to the automotive world, the improvements that have been made to them within the last few years is astounding. Even just the high-def picture is impressive, and probably better than a lot of people’s televisions at home. Not only do cameras now provide a rear view when the driver goes in reverse, there are several models out there now offering three to five different camera views for optimal vision. One Infiniti model even gives you a 360-degree view for help with parking in tight spaces.

Driver Capability

Some drivers may not be a fan of the driver capability feature, but overall it really does make driving much safer. Basically this new technology measures a driver’s ability and determines whether the driver is impaired or too tired to be behind the wheel. If the driver appears “impaired,” the car will alert the driver to let him or her know it is time to step away from the car and take a break from driving. Eventually this technology will go a step further and actually shut down the vehicle if any strange behavior is detected, but so far this is still in the works.

GPS Vehicle Tracking & Parental Control

These two technologies are geared towards parents wanting to keep a watchful eye on their children that are new to the road. The GPS tracking system actually allows you to watch a vehicle’s progress on the road. It also sends alerts if a preset speed is exceeded or if the vehicle leaves or enters a certain area. The parental control has similar features and can actually prohibit a vehicle from exceeding eighty miles per hour. It also allows parents to control the volume on the audio system. This new tech is ideal for any parent needing that extra reassurance.

Rear-Mounted Radar

Shockingly enough, the majority of accidents actually happen in parking lots. This is because drivers have so many blind spots when it comes to unseen objects, pedestrians, and approaching vehicles while they are in reverse. The fairly new rear-mounted radar not only sounds an alarm when the driver is approaching an object directly behind them, but also beeps when there is any approaching cross traffic. Often we see objects and people directly behind us, but when it comes to approaching vehicles this feature is a must.

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