How Chris Bugbee is Shaping The Film Industry

I have been on the board of trustees for a school here in Manchester, Hartford, CT for over 3 years now and during that time I have met some truly inspirational teachers. A teacher should not only impart knowledge but also ensure that their students believe that they can be whatever they would like to be. It is for this reason why I am speaking about the magnificent Chris Bugbee today, a writing teacher here at the school and someone who is certainly shopping the future for his students. Last week I saw on the local news that 2 new filmmakers have won a national competition and both of them were taught by Mr. Bugbee. In light of what Mr. Bugbee has done for the students, I wanted to talk a little about how these teachers are actually encouraging kids to reach for the stars.

Off Topic

Let’s be honest here, the state encourage us to teach the factual information to our students, and this is what takes place 90% of the time. The other 10% however, is what teachers in all departments actually do with their students that inspires creativity, helps to build their focus and drive and ultimately gets them into a frame of mine which will help them to be the people that they want. This is of course not to say that the state should change the way that they do things, but we should all be encouraging teachers to use that 10% wisely.


We cannot harass and harry our teachers to be a certain way, we must give them the freedom to be themselves and to let that rub off on the students. Chris Bugbee is not only a fantastic teacher who gets great results, but he is very much a free spirit and that is certainly something which the students both enjoy, and learn from.

Being There

What I hadn’t realized about Chris and the two students who had just won this film competition was how much spare time that he put in to help the young students out. This is time that he wasn’t paid for, time that I have no doubt he could have used to spend on his own or with his family, but time that he felt was better invested in the young students who were asking for help, and just look how it paid off!


What happened with these two students does not just serve to make the school happy and put another feather in their cap, it will become a piece of inspiration that will serve the school and the students for years to come. Students often can’t make the leap in their minds between what they learn in the classroom and the actual success that they could achieve, so examples like this of it actually happening will certainly prove to be a motivator in the future.

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