How long will it take for internet reputation repair?

Internet reputation repair will not happen overnight, even if some agencies might state that this is something they can do. It is not possible. It takes time and effort like anything good and effective that we do, there are very few quick wins. It is little and often that gets results. We understand why people want the job fixed fast, every time someone stumbles across a bad report or comment then it could be business down the drain, sometimes lots of business. It is even more frustrating when the feedback was never justified, but such is the modern world.

The positive argument however is that it is possible to fully repair your reputation once the work has been put in. The best result is through a holistic response building your brand in many areas and online places so that you have a full approach. Your aim should be to create a brand and honest online presence that makes you and everyone else proud of your company. This will be the long-term solution to any other attacks, have your customers know that this wouldn’t be what your company would do. New customers will be able to look back and realise that the one bad comment had no foundations on reality. In this way you will be protected from any future attacks. In this way negative comments or results, especially those you have openly and obviously tried to put right online will not have as much negative impact as you thought.

You can then still show how good you are, how much fun you have in your work premises, the extra touches that you do for your clients and staff. As well as showcasing your products and services, responding to client’s queries in a very timely manner and being honest, open and contactable. Another big win is to be engaging, this will encourage people to share your posts, blogs, tweets and so on and will get people talking about your brand.

So how long will all of this take, I hear you ask. Obviously, there is no one size fits all or exact timeline, but a remarkable change around can be achieved within six weeks! There is much to consider however, and work will need to continue for the following few months to ensure that this turnaround isn’t short lived. It will also depend upon the nature of the negativity problem and how far reaching this has been. It will depend how far back the problem goes.

In order to ensure that you have the best success at turning around your online reputation you may want to hire a reputation management company to help. They will help you design an online strategy which is the beginning to a key for success. Then they will establish who your target audience are, these are the people who are most likely to use your product or service. The next step is to enable you to establish your company as credible and begin to engage with your target audience. You will then see your company grow online and people beginning to share your success.


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