Improving Teacher Morale In Schools

Teacher morale stands out as a highly important issue in both public and private schools. Having low morale will decrease engagement noticed between teachers and students or colleagues. Productivity is going to be diminished, student learning will be decreased and cynicism appears. If morale is really high and faculty culture is really high, the students will excel at academic and social levels. Teachers become collaborative and productive. School environments become engaging and dynamic. Since teacher morale is important, as highlighted even at the National Youth Leadership Forum, the school should focus on increasing it as much as possible.

The most important and common factors that are affecting teacher morale are:

  • School leadership
  • Student behavior
  • Workload
  • Compensation
  • Professional development

Supportive and effective leaders significantly contribute to the high morale seen as top schools. The weak leaders will always lead to lower morale.

School Leadership

The school leaders always have complex and demanding jobs. So many end up entering leadership positions without receiving adequate training. Sometimes even those that have excellent experience and training can become problematic because of the daily challenges. You need to go through ongoing leadership training and professional development as a school leader.


It is often impossible for the workload of a teacher to not be heavy. Even so, it is important to realize that as the faculty pulls and pushes together, hard work becomes fun. In so many cases teacher morale is very high at schools where there are many major initiatives that do require highly extensive work. You want to involve teachers in planning, decision making and problem solving. The goal is to create a collaborative team that can share workloads. This automatically increases morale.


Receiving competitive compensation is always vital. The way in which this affects morale is how salaries are determined, together with increases. When teachers believe systems are not fair, morale is hurt. Fairness will be judged by how perceived value is compensated by the school. In order to fairly compensate, the school has to abandon the old systems and should implement something that links performance with compensation.

Student Behavior

All teachers face complex demands when referring to meeting student standards. This is true for both public and private schools. Behavior management can become a huge problem. Schools need to offer proper behavior management training for the teachers that are faced with discipline struggles. Also, staff should always work together.

Professional Development

This is strongly linked to teacher satisfaction and student achievement. Schools and teachers valuing professional development will create the necessary conditions for the students to truly value learning. As students make excellent social and academic progress, the teacher can feel rewarded. Teachers need to be provided effective and meaningful professional development. This is vital for the schools to become successful while directly affecting the morale of the teachers.

Never underestimate how important teacher morale is. Doing this can only lead to huge problems in the long run. Implement every measure needed to guarantee teacher morale is taken into account and respected at all times.

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