Is It A Good Idea For Students To Consider Politics?

There are so many things that are right now happening in politics. Huge conflicts exist all around the world. Due to them we see so many students that are seriously interested in getting into politics, with the purpose of changing the world. This is normally due to many different possible motivations, including a desire to:

  • Serve people inside the community.
  • Make things as great as possible for who is represented.
  • Get power.
  • Take advantage of political opportunities to fuel personal gains.
  • Boost ego.

Cielo Gonzalez Villa adds that in order for a student of politics to be successful, there is a need to have some extra qualities that are synonymous with modern permeate politics. Some qualities can be really good while some qualities can be very bad for represented people. The common admirable qualities include:

  • Looking out for interests of represented people.
  • Putting your country ahead of political party desires.
  • Trustworthiness.
  • Honesty.
  • Self-confidence.
  • Intelligence.
  • A willingness to do hard work.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Being concerned with the country’s best interests.
  • A natural ability to build support and agreement.

Some examples of less admirable qualities:

  • Being willing to use lies about anything and everything.
  • Obfuscating facts and information in order to make them hard to understand.
  • Taking money or financial rewards of any kind for votes and support.
  • Putting political party ahead of the interests of people represented.
  • Sponsoring bills that are hurting average people but are of the interest for larger organizations.
  • Allowing PACs, special interests and lobbyists to influence votes.
  • Ignoring national debt and the necessity to have a properly balanced budget.
  • Favoring rich people over middle-class workers.
  • Willingness to inflate costs for personal purposes.
  • Making unsubstantiated accusations.
  • Hurling insults when someone does not agree.
  • Blindly following party dictates.
  • Lack of willingness to work with people from other parties.

Fortunately for everyone, most people that go into politics have the very best intentions. However, this does not mean it will continue like that. It is possible to be seduced by power, personal gain and money. There are also people that are intimidated and pressured by politicians. The picture is not always pretty.

It is possible for people that have political power to become motivated by a desire to remain in power. Such individuals would want to do practically anything for such a goal to be accomplished. No matter the case, the aspiring politicians should always ask themselves some vital questions:

  • Are the political intensions I have honorable and good?
  • Am I willing to work in order to eliminate all corruption, improper personal gain and unethical behavior from politics?
  • Am I willing to always put by country, state and constituents first?

When everything starts, usually the student basically sees the system as broken. He/she wants to make a change and improve modern politics. There are also students that are solely interested in their personal benefits, those that can appear because of holding a position in a political office. It is important to assess what type of person you are before you start working on a political career.

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