Joe Tacopina and what it is like being a criminal defense lawyer

Joe Tacopina is ranked as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in the whole of New York.

People who are charged with criminal offenses are not necessarily guilty.  They deserve a fair trial and representation. They are people from all walks of life, educated, family people.  A defense lawyer wants to help people in times of need, not criminals.

A typical day of a criminal defense lawyer would begin in Court, liaising with my clients, talking to prosecutors.  I will then enter a small room outside the Courtroom where negotiations, sometimes straight forward, sometimes very complex, will take place with prosecutors.  We will look at every aspect of the case, study evaluations, reports, statutes and previous findings and any other relevant information; all from big brown suitcases.  If we can come to a plea agreement I will go to my client with an unhideable smile on my face. If not , we then go to trial the following morning. I will then head back to the office where we will discuss the new cases.  Then potential clients may make contact and the process will all begin again whilst speaking to them, sometimes on the phone, sometimes face to face. I am then likely to get contacted by one of my ongoing clients who might be feeling a little curious or concerned  and who wants to touch base with his attorney to make him/her feel better by having a better understanding of what is happening and what my strategy may be.

Joe Tacopina NY would like to restore some calm and order to their life at this point in time.

Then I will start looking through my mail, draft pleadings and new cases.  Sometimes the case is clear cut – I was arrested and need assistance. Sometimes the letters or calls can be initially very confusing and muddled.  You can feel that people are in obvious distress. Whatever the case, there is litigation and these people in New York need help fast. Then I need to get onto some research for the cases that I have ongoing, I need to prepare our defense and the summing up. I often need to look at previous cases which have set a precedent and this in depth process can often take me well into the evening. I love the research and often do not realise how much time has passed until I look out over NY into the evening skies.

In my job the odds are very often stacked high against my clients but that does not mean that all hope is gone, there is always a means of defense and a fight to be had and we are all ready for it.  When you get a win there is no better feeling than the look of relief and gratitude on the faces of my client and their family. I am getting an opportunity to change or repair lives which is a wonderful feeling.

If you find yourself in trouble in New York and you need a criminal defense lawyer, why not contact Joe Tacopina, as one of the top professionals in his field, he is definitely worth a call.

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