Lindsey TLM Conductor Monitor – How Does It Work?

Lindsey Manufacturing Company is an industry leader for a reason. It manages to offer high-quality technology that can be used even in highly remote areas of the world. We see Lindsey Manufacturing Company equipment being used on literally all continents. This does include the TLM Conductor Monitor, which does not get the attention it truly deserves. Because of the creation of this technology we now see a partnership being signed with Iridium Communications and the entire power distribution industry is changing.

The TLM Conductor Monitor is capable of offering stats about conductor behavior at any point of day or night. Real-time operation practically means important details can be read by software or by human eye in order to make suitable network changes. This includes line current, vibration monitoring, conductor temperature and much more.

TLM stands out as a self-communicating and self-powered technology that is not only affordable to install. It is also capable of lowering overall current losses through increasing transmission capacity whenever possible. Continuous behavior data will be relayed, leading to perfect regulatory compliance, facility ratings and the appearance of dynamic line rating. The technology is now a part of the Lindsey Manufacturing SMARTLINE-TCF forecasting capacity transmission system available for distributors from all around the world.

Why Use This Technology?

TLM conductor monitoring is simply superior to market alternatives. This is due to different possible reasons. For starters, we are looking at completely guaranteed electrical clearance compliance. Measuring distances between conductors and line objects becomes really easy. Then, the users are capable of fully understanding the capacity rating of a line. Numerous external factors affect how much power can be transported through transmission lines. By receiving accurate data users can see the exact current that is being transported.

We also need to add that the complete integration possible with Lindsey’s SMARTLINE system simply makes the entire system better. The software offers completely dynamic line rating. You can easily increase transmission capacity, resilience and defer unnecessary financial investments.

How Does The System Work?

Inside the TLM Conductor Monitor system you have various sensors. One of them is the LiDAR sensor. This offers the line clearance measurements that are needed to perform proper accuracy calculations. Conductor sag becomes irrelevant through adequate readings.

TLM conductors make all the important measurements at the exact same time. This means that you get real data that presents the real situation that is present at the level of the transmission line. You learn about the temperature of the conductor in order to avoid the unwanted situation in which excessive temperature influences transmission and everything is transmitted to remote locations in a secured setting.


On the whole, TLM Conductor Monitors are highly beneficial for power distribution. Thanks to the partnership with Iridium Communication the system became even better and users now have access to the best system available in the industry. Electricity can be cheaper for the end-user and power distribution companies can cut losses.

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