Matias Campiani discusses our future with Artificial Intelligence

Matias Campiani believes that technology will take over and here are some really innovative areas where it is making a massive impact.

Speech recognition is a massive think, just think of Alexa and Siri, even though they are still a work in progress and can get it wrong and make us laugh. If you actually think of what they are doing it is massive and we are all fairly happy to have a chat with a robot and wish her goodnight, after she has turned out the lights of course.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg systems all over the world are transcribing human language from conversations.

Virtual agents, which are robots that are able to communicate with humans and offer them a service, affectionately known as chatbots they are being used mostly in front facing customer service and hospitality roles and it is thought that more and more of these will be created. Checking into hotels and collecting keys could all be automated in the next decade!

Decision management is a whole new and interesting area. If you are faced with a complex decision, usually a business one then you could program all of the permutations and possibilities into the computer which will use its artificial logic to come up with the best possible option, the choice that will make your business more money and if it all goes horribly wrong you can just blame the computer!

Biometrics is a fascinating area. Technology can watch, measure and analyse human behaviour and physical characteristics of the individual. This is then used so that the AI can interact with humans in a more human way. It is sometimes easy to forget that you are talking to a robot. If you then have an AI that can recognise you by facial recognition and say oh Hello Sarah when it sees you, this also gives it  a very human feel and you can’t help responding to it, if it were also human. If you then double it up with the intelligence that the AI has developed to also read your emotions and say the right things when you are feeling sad or anxious and then to also use this in the field of law to help police determine if someone is guilty or innocent, of course this alone is not proof but it can help the police force decide which path to take on some case.

The natural next step for cyber defence was always going to require computers to fight computers, or hackers anyway. This is because the technology is sop advanced and there is so much hostility there would never be enough people or man hours to fight it without using computers. with two million breaches in 2017 alone.

Computers are also taking over in compliance, compliance is the requirement to meet the required legal standards and to prove that you have done so. Legislation changes often, and people can forget the new rules, artificial intelligence is therefore being used and can be more accurate.


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