Peter Zieve Provides Six Ways to Give Back to the Community

Volunteering and giving back to the community is something most of us want to do. However, we often feel that we don’t really have the time or energy to truly do so. In recent news, however, it was shown that those who engage in the act of giving prolong their life and protect their health. This is a type of electroimpact and is incredibly important. Here, Peter Zieve describes six ways in which you can give back to the community and help yourself at the same time.

Peter Zieve’s Six Ways to Help the Community

  1. Help in a soup kitchen. Did you know that the USDA has reported that 49 million people in this country went hungry in 2012? Local charities in Mikilteo, Seattle, and any other city serve food to the community and they need help. Meals on Wheels alone national serves 2.5 million elderly people every day according to a recent blog in the Herald News and Sports.
  2. Sit on a community board. This is your opportunity to get involved in local politics and on making sure more business gets into the community. You will have a chance to campaign for better integration of services, ensuring resources are shared rather than duplicated. Anyone has talents that are useful on a community board and you also have plenty to give, allowing you to drive change in your own community.
  3. Become a docent. Universities, zoos, aquariums, presidential libraries, art galleries, museums, and more all need trained guides to help visitors enjoy their experience. Often times, they will provide that training for you. Hence, if you are passionate, flexible, patient, and enthusiastic, this may be a fantastic opportunity for you to volunteer and teach others about art and history.
  4. Look after your neighbors! Nowadays, most of us spend our time indoors. We have air conditioning to keep the house comfortable as well as having all our creature comforts to hand. However, this also means that we don’t get to know our neighbors anymore. Simply knocking on people’s doors, or joining a community watch program, will ensure you get to know people, creating connections and a sense of security. Furthermore, it may mean that you come across someone in your community who has particular needs that you can help with.
  5. Start a food co-op. Cooperatives are excellent organizations that allow people to bulk buy food that is then distributed among members. In the past, co-ops existed mainly for regular groceries but they have now largely moved towards purchasing fresh, local produce. Most co-ops need volunteers to run their service and to advocate the benefits of eating fresh and local.
  6. Volunteer at your local hospital. Some people don’t know that it is possible to do so when, in fact, it is not just possible, it is hugely appreciated. You can sit at an information booth, work with children, or provide company to lonely seniors. You could push a wheelchair, help with the food service, and more.


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