Ryan Jacob CAE discusses how we can promote clean air

Ryan Jacob CAE of California is a college student who loves sport and fitness, a firm spectator of both NFL and NBA he not only wants to keep his body fit and healthy, but he wants to do the same for our planet.

Here are some top tips and good news for us to do our bit to reduce energy waste and protect our planet.

We should get an energy audit done in our homes this will show us how efficient our home is and where and how we can make improvements. The auditor will make suggestion which, although may have an initial outlay, will save you money in the long run. They may also recommend surge protectors these are units which will provide the electricity to a few different appliances at once. When none of these are in use you can turn off the surge protector and this ensure that these devices are not using unnecessary energy.

Don’t automatically turn on your air conditioning, see if you can do alternatives, use a fan, open a window. The same thing when it is cold don’t automatically turn on your heating grab a jumper or blanket it can be much cosier and much more fun!

Whilst your out and about shopping see if you can buy things that are made from recycled materials, upcycle furniture instead of buying new which can be very funky and a great hobby. Check the recyclable content of any produce packaging and choose the produce with the smallest amount of packaging.

Use both sides of your paper, squeeze the toothpaste until the end, you can even buy products which will ensure you have got the last out of your shampoo or toothpaste again all cutting down on our waste and the need for production.

If you receive a lot of junk mail, then contact the companies and tell them that you do not want this mail and why. Get a sticker for your mailbox that confirms this. If you require a new electrical product for your home or business, then choose an energy star product this is a product that has been rated for its efficient use of energy.

Using cold water instead of hot water is also much better for the environment, this is for a shower or your clothes this will all help towards omissions and make cleaner air for all.

Remember keep spreading the word and help CAE Ryan Jacob and his team to make people aware of the part they have to play in saving out planet. Pass the news on clean air engineering and don’t end up as a defendant explaining why you did not help save our beautiful planet.

If it is possible, ask your employer whether instead of having to travel to the office every day whether you could work, at least some days, from home. This could help reduce the pollution from traveling every day but take care as it will possibly increase your use of technology and electricity

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