What are the quickest wins for a digital marketing and search engine optimization agency?

With CPC prices on the rise, and search volume increasing, it makes the decision to invest in a digital marketing and search engine optimization agency an absolute no-brainer for a lot of businesses.

However, for many of these businesses it really is a dive into the unknown. After all, this is a specialist field, and one that you are completely trusting the talents of a third party.

To give you an idea on some of the easiest wins that these agencies tend to give clients, we have put together the following post.

Win #1 – NAP building

Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t involve your chosen agency snoozing on the job. Instead, NAP is short for name, address and phone number.

These are crucial attributes in the world of local search. In other words, if you want to make it into the elusive map pack, you need to make sure that these are consistent across the internet. This means making them accurate on both your website, and any citations that are built. Citation building, particularly in areas with little competition, can be one of the biggest wins for small businesses. Citations are something that really powers local organic growth, so submitting them to good quality, local directories really can help your plight.

Win #2 – Choosing the right keywords

Something else that the typical agency will delve into is the type of keywords you are targeting.

If your website has never been optimized in the past, there’s every chance that it won’t be targeting the correct keywords.

This is actually quite a simple job, in some respects, for an agency. Google provides its users with keyword data, meaning that it can be easy to find out which keywords you should be looking to target. Of course, if you have a particularly large website, this can take a bit of time.

Once you are armed with your keywords, the agency will then go and check the basics such as having the correct meta tags, as well as having adequate pages targeting said terms.

Win #3 – Finding backlink opportunities

Some agencies will tie this in with the NAP building, although finding backlinks is a slightly different task.

For small, local niches, websites don’t tend to need a huge number of links to succeed. It means that agencies will usually look through the backlinks of your competitors, before attempting to secure links on these platforms so that you are back on a level playing field with them.

Of course, if you happen to be operating in a competitive space, you will need a lot more backlinks. For particularly vibrant cities, with London being an example, even small trades can be competitive and demand a lot of links to succeed. In these instances, your agency might need to devise more creative methods for you to build links, some of which might involve money changing hands in sponsorship or other similar ways.


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