Why You Should Use a Professional Atlanta Shuttle Service

Are you visiting or returning home to Atlanta and need an Atlanta shuttle service through the airport? Today there are many options with the ridesharing services claiming to be the best option for travelers. But is this really the case? The reality is that traditional shuttle services hold great advantages over the ridesharing services. Here are some of those advantages you need to consider when you travel to Atlanta.

Professional Drivers

Professional car services only hire the best drivers with lots of experience driving other people around. They are fully trained to drive the vehicle they pick you up in and know how to maneuver it safely along the road obeying all of the traffic and road signs. When you hire a ridesharing service other than knowing that the person has a legal driver’s license, you never know what type of driver you will get. The person might drive too fast, disobey traffic signs or not be respectful of your commands to them. You can find yourself is a terrible situation with someone who simply is not a good driver.

Cars are Professionally Maintained

Professional car and shuttle services professionally maintain their vehicles and make sure that they are always in the best running condition. This practice allows them to provide the best service to their customers, have their vehicles run in top condition avoiding breakdowns when customers are in the vehicle, and to avoid any legal issues in the event there is an accident. These legal issues can also affect customers in the vehicle. When you use a rideshare, you never know how the car has been maintained. Has the driver had the tires, brakes and fluids checked and serviced? Are you riding in an unsafe automobile? Ridesharing makes it really difficult to have peace of mind.

Shuttles can Accommodate Large Groups

Shuttles can accommodate groups of up to more than 50 people. So if you are traveling in a group you can have them all in the same vehicle which improves safety and security for your group and also saves you lots of money.


The ridesharing companies have had a rash of issues regarding drivers either injuring passengers or causing them to be injured because of their actions or driving. There have also been many cases of passengers being dissatisfied with the behavior of the drivers and feeling as if they are in danger. Professional shuttle and car service companies have few issues regarding safety and there is certainly no issues regarding the entire industry.


Traditional shuttle services are comparably priced to rideshares and in the event of sharing a shuttle the prices can be much lower. If you choose a private car service, the pricing will be more expensive than a rideshare, but you are paying the extra money for the additional benefits mentioned above. When you factor in these benefits the pricing seems cheap.

A professional Atlanta shuttle service can meet all of your needs and is a better option than a rideshare.

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